The rebellion of signs

The soul of the letter

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Joan Costa
Daniel Raposo


Editorial La Crujía
Dinalivro Editions

This book is justified by its thematic focus and by the richness of the abundant illustrations.

Language is the great achievement of mankind. Writing derived from language, and from writing the image was reduced to signs: the alphabet. So signs were subjected to a law: the code. In this book, the history of the Letter collects the evolution of the sign changes from the cuneiform and the pictograph to the modern alphabet, and from the Gutenberg printing press to digital technology.

But the Letter is rebellious. Breaks from its speech and code dependence and from the typographic line dictatorship. Calls for its plastic freedom and autonomy beyond its language function. The Letter itself is language.

This book is a well-documented testimony in favour of the Letter in its graphic space conquest and free expression by breaking free from the word and the speech.

"The rebellion of the signs" fills this increasing portion, making the use of the Letter one of the most difficult tasks for a designer, since he does not know the intention, history and culture behind each letter.


Target audiences:

This work has highly didactic contents, educational and essential for any professional communication designer, as well as for the plastic arts, cultural history, art directors, graphic arts, typography, advertising, illustration, identity graphism, communication, public relations, marketing, etc.

For the same reasons, the work has particular interest to design learning centres, both teachers and students of these disciplines, as well as those responsible for the management of cultural institutions such as museums and foundations, and being a reference work, must have its place in public libraries.


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