Identity Design and Corporate Identity

Branding, brand history, brand management, corporate visual identity.

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Daniel Raposo


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This publication aims to further develop the concept of Corporate Identity from design's perspective, planning and brand management.

Both labour organizations and civilians expend efforts on Visual Identity projects that generate the desired Corporate Image. However, it is easy to verify that such a wager is based on erratically empirical assumptions limited to one graphic brand and its eventually normalized applications.

This work aims to contribute to the clarification of technical concepts and conceptual practices related to the concept that is now called Branding, preventing its use in a wrong way and in consequence its lack of effectiveness.

Given the importance of Identity Design and Corporate Image for the quotidian of organizations and the impact of these projects in the life of organizations and people, it is critical that designers are aware of the whole process. It is not acceptable to develop projects of Corporate Visual Identity knowing nothing more than the name of the is essential that designers, marketeers and managers understand that branding is not merely corporate cosmetic chosen at random, but rather a sociological and strategic communication activity.

Answers are given throughout the book addressing frequently asked questions. The definition to the main related terms can be found in this book; brand's history, planning models, management and structuring of brands; clues to the realization of Corporate Visual Identity quality projects.



For the referred aspects this book is intended primarily for designers, marketeers, communication directors, creative directors, namers, managers, design students, sociologists, design historians, researchers, public relations and schools in these areas. In this publication you will find various contents that build an essential compilation to the clear understanding of what a brand is, how it works, how it is created and how it is managed or assessed.


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