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Identity Design and Corporate Identity

Both labour organizations and civilians expend efforts on Visual Identity projects that generate the desired Corporate Image. However, it is easy to verify that such a wager is based on erratically empirical assumptions limited to one graphic brand and its eventually normalized applications.

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To see, hear and feel letters

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said that "thinking is essentially operating with signs" and it is precisely in the activity of seeking, creating, transforming, communicating or speculating with graphic signs where a substantial opportunity from the Design point of view is opened, and within this discipline it will be specially significant the realization of operations from the language phonetic transcription signs: letters.

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The rebellion of signs:

Language is the great achievement of mankind. Writing derived from language, and from writing the image was reduced to signs: the alphabet. So signs were subjected to a law: the code. In this book, the history of the Letter collects the evolution of the sign changes from the cuneiform and the pictograph to the modern alphabet, and from the Gutenberg printing press to digital technology.

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